Alder Food Security Society

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About the Alder Food Security Society

The Alder Food Security Society is a new non-profit organization in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada aiming to mobilize the local food community to reduce food insecurity in our city. We are a hands-on organization whose goal is to include all voices in Edmonton to find solutions for food insecurity, and believe that all Edmontonians should have access to healthy, fresh, local food, regardless of income, gender, race, or class.

As a new non-profit organization, we are currently rolling out our programming, beginning with SalvagED, a food-waste reduction initiative to raise awareness about food waste, educate the public on ways to utilize waste produce, and create accountability for players in our food system regarding their food waste.

Future initiatives and programming to be launched by the Alder Food Security Society include monthly Food Chats for free education about food insecurity and our food system, Community Kitchen programming, and a Youth Job Shadow program.

Our Vision Statement

The Alder Food Security Society envisions an Edmonton where local food and our vibrant food community is available to everyone, regardless of income, age, gender, race or class.

Our Mission Statement

The objective of the Alder Food Security Society is to give marginalized groups access to the community associated with our local food system through our programming and political advocacy.

Our Core Objectives

Food Education For All:  We aim to help all Edmontonians learn about the work being done in our food community, determine the core areas for improvement and learn about approaches from around the world to help our food system become more equitable and vibrant.

Addressing Immediate Food Insecurity: The Alder Food Security Society will assist food-insecure families directly during times of need with products from our local food system. We will also support the work of already-existing food charities to enhance their reach for their invaluable programs.

Capacity Building for Long-Term Food Security: We believe all families should be able to afford and prepare healthy, local food at all times. By providing food education and connecting families to the food community, we believe these families will be able to make changes to reduce their food insecurity in their own lives, on their own terms.

Advocating For Systemic Change: We want to drive real legislative change in our city and province. We envision a political atmosphere where food insecurity is systemically addressed and the reliance on immediate food charity is deemed unacceptable by our government.